You've made it to senior year! You are about to embark on the newest, most exciting adventure yet. Don't wait another second to book your senior photo EXPERIENCE. If you're not afraid to run barefoot in a field, get your hair a little messy, and dance around, then we are the PERFECT match.

20 minutes
1 outfit
20 digital photos

1 hour
3 outfits
50 digital photos

1.5 hours
4-5 outfits
80-100 digital photos
3 Complimentary Prints


class of 2021

ready to book your senior experince?


"We LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her senior photos. I can't get anything done around here because I just keep looking at them! God gave you a wonderful gift and we are so thankful you found your calling."

- Amy + Allie

Q: When will I get my photos back?

A: You will get your photos back within 12-14 days! If you need them sooner, just let me know! There’s an option to rush them.

Q: How do you send the photos?

A: I pick the best of the best photos, edit and retouch them, and then I upload them to an online gallery for you to download from! You can also purchase and order prints directly from the website!

Q: What should I wear?

A: I will send you allllll the tips, tricks, what to wear, what not to wear, and more. Colors, styles -- everything!

Q: How do we pick the location?

A: I have great locations from you to choose from. My personal style definitely thrives in nature. The desert and open grassy fields are my jam. If you have a specific location in mind, just let me know! We can try to make it happen - but just know, you will get the BEST results when you choose a location I know, and work best in! Another great way, is for you to check out our website and instagram & then send me the photos
 you like! If you are wanting a super "downtown city" feeL OR INSIDE A STUDIO, I might not be the best fit for YOU! And that's totally okay. 

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