We love Jesus, our son Coast, spicy foods, Hawaii, Disneyland, cookies, the ocean, movies (seriously - if we are ever missing, check the movie theaters), and New Girl. Our perfect date night would be going shopping, getting sushi, then going to the movie theater (getting a medium popcorn, Coke to share, and sour candy). We love food and movies if you can’t tell. POV: We connect to your bluetooth...you can count on Carly playing early 2000's music, Olivia Rodrigo, the Hamilton soundtrack, or pretty much any dance bop. If John connects, he will most likely play Ben Howard, Novo Amor, Scarypoolparty, or some acoustic, chill, unknown song. 

What else do you wanna know?!

hey friend.

We're The Hardins!

HI! So nice to "meet" you! We're the Hardins. John, Carly and Coast (...and Winnie, our dog).

We are so happy you're here. Our business has been a family business from the second we became The Hardins LLC. We are so passionate about what we do, but we're even more passionate about our little family.

"The Hardins made it so easy to not only get to know them both, but they took their time to know US and what WE wanted. I felt like they were there for me on my big day more than they know."

- Trisha + Jorge

I started to do photography when I was in high school, but always dreamed of what it would be like to be a videographer. When Carly and I got engaged, Carly told me to go for it! And so I did! I fell in love with the story-telling part of it, but I also really enjoy the technical part of it as well.

John’s favorite things: walks with my family, Coast's leg rolls, surfing, playing soccer, Mexican food (especially burritos enchilada style), long boarding, Stranger Things, Christmas, anything spicy, the ocean, coffee, and small dogs (preferably wiener dogs). 


I picked up a camera 7 years ago and never put it down. Every snap and click over here comes from me! It all started with a Canon Rebel T5i and now it's a full blown business. My love for owning a business definitely grew and grew & eventually I found that I had a passion for teaching other business owners. I've seen first hand how potential, knowledge, and tools can become a business. So I want to help others do the same.

I am PASSIONATE and silly. I love heated debates about stupid things (but they also make me sweaty and mad sometimes). Words that would NOT describe me: patient, gentle, and quiet. Those are all words, I'd use to describe John, HA. He balances us out.  

Carly’s favorite things: peonies, potatoes, painting, music, ice cream (Monkey Business from Handels...that's holy ice cream), Gossip Girl, themed parties, chocolate, physical planners, YA novels about summer romance, pretty much any kind of Asian cuisine, the beach, and dancing.


We firmly believe that marriage is a gift from God. We believe when two people get married, it is so much more than a white dress, tux, and a party. It’s entering into a covenant with God and one another. It is making a promise to choose one another each and every day. We don’t believe your wedding should be the best day of your life...we actually hope it isn’t. Your wedding day is just the beginning. Our prayer is that life just keeps getting sweeter, and you look back on your wedding and think, "I thought I was as in love as I could be, now look at us!"

I don't wanna sugarcoat it. You'll spend months (sometimes years) planning this day - choosing the dress, the colors, asking friends to stand beside you, renting chairs, booking hotels, etc...all for ONE day. It goes by so fast. You'll be sitting at your reception, eating dinner, thinking "how is this day almost over?!" That's why we are so passionate about capturing the day for you guys to cherish forever. Photos are a frozen moment in time and they look freakin' amazing on a gallery wall. But what about actually SEEING the first kiss in motion? Or you and your grandma dancing on the dance floor + seeing her throw her head back laughing? What about that tear rolling down your dad's cheek when he sees you in your dress for the first time? What about HEARING what your husband says during the first look? A photo may be worth 1,000 words, but we'd argue a video is worth 10 times that. Don't regret skipping out on video for your day.

We want to build a genuine connection with you, so that we aren't just another vendor at your wedding, but like an honorary groomsmen and bridesmaid. You can DEFINITELY, 100% count on Carly busting a move with you on the dance floor & you can bet on John laughing at her while she does.

We CAN'T WAIT to start this journey with you both!

we love weddings. we believe in marriage.

our "WHY"

let's do this

you want in?