We love Jesus, spicy foods, Disneyland, cookies, the ocean, movies (seriously - if we are ever missing, check the movie theater), and New Girl. Our perfect date night would be going to get Thai food, going to the movie theater (getting a medium popcorn, Coke to share, and sour candy) and then going to grab some ice cream. We love food and movies if you can’t tell. You can count on Carly playing 70's music, Lizzo, or the The Greatest Showman soundtrack. If you hand John the AUX cord, he will most likely play Ben Howard, Novo Amor, or some Kings Kaleidoscope. 

"From day one, at our consultation, it felt like we were talking about our future wedding with our best friends."

- Jessie + Josh 

John started to do photography when he was in high school, but always dreamed of what it would be like to be a videographer. When we got engaged, I (Carly, here) told him to GO FOR IT. And so he did. He is the mastermind behind all of our amazing films.

John’s favorite things: surfing, playing soccer, Mexican food (especially burritos enchilada style), Stranger Things, Christmas, anything spicy, the beach, coffee, and small dogs (preferably wiener dogs). 

Carly has been pursuing photography for six years. She is behind all of the photography for us. Every snap and click, comes from this girl. It all started with a dinky, little camera, and 6 years later, it became a business.

Carly’s favorite things: painting, music, hot fudge, Gossip Girl, anything Disney (Disney movies, Disney Channel, and of course - Disneyland), southern comfort food, pumpkin pie, Ben & Jerry's, Madewell, wicker baskets, and dogs (all shapes, kinds and sizes).

We firmly believe that marriage is a gift from God. We believe when two people get married, it is so much more than a white dress, tux, and a party. It’s entering into a covenant with God and one another. It is making a promise to choose one another each and every day. We believe that your wedding day should be no-stress (HA! I know that sounds crazy, but we can do it!) and should be happy. We don’t believe it should be the best day of your life...we hope it isn’t, actually! Because your wedding day is just the beginning. We know that life will only get better from there.

We want to be that person capturing every moment for you to cherish forever. We want to build a genuine connection with you, so that we aren't just another vendor at your wedding, but a friend.

The wedding is an outward expression in front of your family and friends. And of course, A FREAKIN' PARTY!!! You can DEFINITELY, 100% count on Carly busting a move with you on the dance floor & you can bet on John laughing at her while she does.

We can't wait to laugh with you, cry with you, plan with you, and party with you.

we love weddings. we believe in marriage.