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hardin Pack two

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we know,

we've been burned by buying presets over and over again...
only to think "this looks awful and nothingggg like their before + after's." that's why we created presets made for the photographer who has been searching for an editing style that suits them. These presets are made to be tweaked. they're not one-click, magic presets - because they shouldn't be. Presets should be a foundation. We've spent years perfecting these & feel confident that if you want a warm, contrasted, timeless base, that will help you save time & feel confident, these are it for you. 

 carly + John



worth every penny."


- Kara Wags Photo

don't take just our word for it though...

seriously, These presets brought me business."


- Maddie Bennett Photo

here's what others have to say:

preset pack two
is finally here.


PRESEt packs





5 color presets & 2 B&W presets:

2 versatile, main color presets
1 indoor/in-home color preset
2 reception/flash color presets
2 black and white presets

2 color presets, 1 B&W preset & 20 quick actions:

2 OG main color presets
2 nikon main color presets
2 sony main color presets
1 black and white preset
20 quick actions/shortcuts

the two color presets in pack two will have similar tones to pack one, but are meant to be a bit brighter, warmer, and a little more colorful. They will have teal blues, true greens, and they make golden hour look like a million bucks. 

Pack two also has the 2 main presets tweaked to fit nikon and sony coloring better.

so you will see
-hardin PRESET 01
-hardin preset 02
-nikon hardin preset 01
...and so on.

The b&W preset has a timeless look with a touch of grain.

The quick actions are meant to speed up editing time while also helping you get to the end product you want. the full list of quick actions is below!

the 5 color presets are warm, easy to go dark and moody to light and bright. These have teal blues, true skin tones, muted greens, warm mid tones and dark darks.

The indoor and flash presets are the main 2 presets tweaked to cater to the lighting you're shooting in - such as an in-home session 0r a reception. These are not quick actions.

the b&W presets are high grain, with deep shadows, and mid highlights.

more of pack one

more of pack two





"These made our lives so much easier. 100000/10 recommend!"

- Cam & Larisa Photo + Video

"I am so in love with these presets. They are so easy to tweak to my style"

- Patricia Perez Photo


pack two

what are
quick actions?

pack two
quick actions

- Add grain
- bye bye fake tan
- bye bye fake tan+
- cool greens
- cool it down
- cool it down+
- darken highlights
- darken shadows
- de-saturate
- flatten it
- inside
- inside+
- lighten shadows
- lower grain/noise
- make it pop
- skin balancer
- vignette-away
- vignette-away+
- warm it up
- warm it up+

Quick actions are like editing shortcuts. instead of playing with the hsl sliders and trying to mute the green grass down, the quick action: "Cool greens" does it for you in one click! 

all 20 quick actions are made with the idea that you will spend less time in the control panel, and get galleries out quicker.

All of these tweaks in one place, in just one click.
that's called working smarter, not harder.

Hardin Preset 02 - Pack Two

Hardin B&W - Pack Two

Hardin Preset 01 - Pack Two

pack one

HARDIN 01 - pack one

HARDIN 02 - pack one

HARDIN Flash - pack one

HARDIN Inside - pack one

HARDIN B&W 1 - pack one

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Why should I choose your presets?

What softwares can I use these presets with?

Our presets are made with YOU in mind. We created them to be super versatile, and easy to tweak. We didn’t want to create just a stylish preset that only works on one type of camera, one set of settings, etc. These are for you, because they literally are just a foundation for you to change them as you please.

You can use the presets in Lightroom Classic CC or Adobe Camera Raw.


Do I have to use RAW images or will they work on JPEG? 

They were designed for RAW images, and work best on that format of photo. BUT you totally can edit JPEGs with them! It just may not have the same end result. 

What if I buy them and don’t like them? Can I get a refund?

There are no returns, because there is no way to “take the product back”. Since it’s a digital download, and can’t return it, all sales are final.

Can I send you unedited RAW photos before purchasing?

Absolutely! You can send up to 3 RAW images to to get a good idea of if these are the right presets for you! Try before you buyyyy!

the preset facebook group is the place to beee!!! this is a community where you can ask us and fellow photographers questions, see examples of the presets, post your wins, get exclusive editing education from us, and so much more. 

what are you waiting for?!